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I work with Heart Conscious EQUESTRIANS, those who believe in Soul connection with their Horse. I teach them to experience the relationship with their Horse as a Quest that explores mystical wisdom between the worlds of Horse and Human. This is a Soul Quest, an invitation back to our own True North.

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Agreement Quest

Learn to identify your Agreements with your Horse and your Horses Agreements with you. In this class you will explore ways to define your Agreements, ways to identify Disconnect, Broken Agreements and Renegotiating Agreements. You will receive instruction on how to make a TouchStone, a tool to help stay on track and true to your Agreements.

Answer Quest

A tool to build intuition and use tools within your life to get answers for almost anything. Use photos or items relating to your Horse(s) as well as personal items, symbols or words to build a Quest Map, tuning into these items will create a story to that provides answers.

Answer Quest Intro

Empath Horse Reading
Basic Session $55

As an Empath I have always been able to feel information from Animals, Horses in particular, and I have learned to channel this information into Readings. I find it interesting to note that most Horses want to heal and inspire their Human partners more than focus on themselves, suggesting that they have deep purpose with their Human.

I will need a photo of the Horse, preferably with a good view of the eye. You may ask questions, just look for information or both. Custom sessions available by arraignment.


I had a reading for my horse from Delaya and I was amazed at the accuracy of it. I sent her a picture of my horse and she picked up details of our relationship and offered suggestions that would help my horse and me have a even closer relationship. I haven’t met Delaya and she has never met my horse so that made her accurate reading even more incredible. I highly recommend Delaya if you are interested in developing a closer relationship with your horse or just want to know more about what your horse may be thinking. Pam Alexander

Honestly, I cannot thank Delaya Diana enough for her help with my horse and two of my dogs. My horse, Rozy, an older quarter horse had experienced a rough life. Delaya helped me understand this horse, and in turn Rozy helped heal my fears after being violently thrown from a fearful horse. Several years later Delaya helped me with some issues my 150 pound Newfoundland was dealing with. She suggested I introduce her to the horses on her property and my dog was transformed. Clearly this water dog who did not like to swim was really meant to work with horses.  Most recently I adopted a 3 year-old rescue dog and Delaya’s advice has been invaluable. This is my first rescue dog and there is so much to learn about her. Delaya was able to look at a few pictures of her and give me guidance on my dog’s fears, concerns, and needs. Delaya is an amazing Empath and connects with animals in a profound way. I owe her a great deal of thanks.  Elisa Robyn

I was doing a short-term lease option to buy on a new horse and wanted more information about her. My intuition told me that she was a very wise old soul but I had only been with her for about 10 days. Delaya’s reading was absolutely incredible and totally “spot on” according to her current owner. It gave me tremendous insight into her mind and heart and is instrumental in helping us develop a deep bonded relationship. Everyone at our small barn that I shared the reading with was amazed by the depth and accuracy of the reading – so much so that several of them are having Delaya do a reading for their own horses!
Jane Derow