Our Philosophy

The Quest

I’m not sure when I first heard the ‘Call’ to enter the Quest, but I know that it took a while for me to answer it. For years I justified all the reasons why I should just learn, do and accept what others had done before me and let that be my Truth as well. But my Horse was my Soul Song and constantly requested to meet Between the Worlds of Horse and Human, to find our own Truth.

This was a Quest into the unknown, into a World of Mystical Wisdom, Potential and Co-Intelligence. Some of this was indigenous to me and some was new territory. But there was no going back. I accepted that I had to risk appearing foolish and risk wild success. Risk being afraid, being lost, being enlightened, being challenged and  being Whole. This Quest invites the Potential of Humans to conspire with the Potential of Horses to lead us into an expanded way of being together, and it is through our desire to understand the Horse that we gain Self-Knowledge.

There was no map, but I learned elements of the Quest that held guidance. I learned that we make Agreements with our Horse. I faced Shadows, mine and my Horses and understood that through ShadowWork we can lead our fears and our brilliance into the light. I experienced the importance of Rituals that keep us mindful and connected, centered and on course. I discovered Alchemy, ways of turning the extraordinary in the ordinary, lost into found, intuition into the tangible. I hoped for Miracles and Magick but in the end I realized, the Quest itself is a Magickal Miracle, a step at a time.

The Horse

This magnificent creature that captures our Heart and our Soul is an amazing Teacher, and a willing Student. We are more than Horse and Human, I see the Horse as a catalyst to my own Spiritual evolution and understanding. I engage my horse to know myself better, to remind me of the unseen, magick, possibility, sensual learning and to keep me present.

My relationship with the Horse is a witness to the level of our integrity and our adaptability, our strengths and our demise. If I am to know the Horse, I must know myself, the Horse will require this.

The Horse asks me to face the unknown with trust and suppleness in this new frontier of collaboration and co-creating a common language that honors both Horse and Human, here we both rely on a Mystical Faith. The Horses too, need an ally to help them become more than an Instinctual Being, they seek for stability and a Consort to navigate this new territory.

The Horse is the Portal to a Soulful Intelligence, an invitation to a place more Ethereal. Horses remind me to be Wild, they remind me of Sensory Awareness, they remind me of Stillness. They remind me that I don’t have to master it all in one day. It has taken me years to become mindful enough, in the moment, to participate in the mysterious energy that is present when we are Between the Worlds.

The Horse is my Compass for True North. When I am adrift, or off course in my life, connecting with the Horse is a point of reference for returning to balance, to my core values and my purpose… to my internal True North.

True North

True North is essential for accurate navigation. But first we must have a Compass, for me, it is Horses. I need them to find my way Home. True North is my Soul Home, my place of balance and accurate perspective. This is where I am Whole. It is a Sacred Space of belonging. True North is not dominated by thought, it is determined by a knowing deep in my bones as to who I am, what I believe and where I belong.

When I spend time with my Horses, I know who I am independent of the World around me. Here I am not distracted by the opinions of the masses or those that support or repress me, here I am a Soul with an alliance with Horses. This is a Sacred Bliss known only to my Horses and myself, here I am aligned with all that matters the most to my life. From this place I am able to Champion the Voice of the Horse, I can speak of what we are exploring together and what the Quest asks of us.

Though I desire to stay connected to my True North, my daily life often distracts me with obligations and illusions, crises and events leaving me feeling fragmented and disconnected. And then I spend time with my Horses and my Soul takes a deep breath, I am Whole and Connected again.

The external world around me has not changed, but my internal world has more stability, more equilibrium, here I am safe, and I am connected to more power and wisdom than my external world can threaten. I have never been without the desire to be with a Horse, perhaps its because I have always known they would be my Compass, a sure direction to my True North.


Exploring Spiritual Synergy between Horses and Humans

Finding Sacred Bliss between the Worlds