Quest Classes

1. The Agreement Quest

I am of the belief that when we meet as Horse and Human we make Agreements. When beginning this Quest, it is important to honestly examine our reason for participating in its content. Careful evaluation to our motive and desire will determine the knowledge or benefit available through this session. Our Agreement with our Horse is not about providing basic care, that responsibility is synonymous with the decision to have a Horse, Agreements clarify why we have chosen each other, and how we experience our purpose with each other through our Agreements.

Knowing your Agreement(s) will bring balance to the Relationships, it will relieve the pressure of being responsible for every detail, it will help eliminate assumptions. Remembering our Agreements helps to keep our perspective honest and useful.

Understanding your Agreements is not predicting the future. It does not assure perfection. What it does assure is involvement from both Horse and Human and to recognize accountability and celebrate collaboration.

Some things you will learn in this Quest:

  • Learn how to identify your Agreement(s) by using tools such as, recessive handwriting, freeze the frame, seeing from the beginning to the end, Socratic writing, and other techniques to access information about your Agreements.
  • Explore how to put your Agreements into form, understand how to notice them during time spent with and without your Horse.
  • Understand how to deal with broken Agreements, from your Horse, or yourself or both of you.
  • Access tools to learn to identify blocks in your thinking, or your memory and your current place with your horse.
  • Insights on renegotiating Agreements.
  • Acknowledge where you tend to break or dismiss Agreements.
  • Create a TouchStone as a tangible reminder of your Agreements.
  • Agreement Quest includes 8 videos with instruction and commentary and an in depth workbook.

Agreement Quest Online course: $297.00

Quest with 1 hour private consultation: $424.00

2. The eQUESTrian Namaste

As most of us know the word Namaste translates as, ‘what is Divine in me, greets what is Divine in you’, meaning we bypass our egos, preconceived ideas and judgments and speak to the part of us that is Divine, without judgment and expectations.

When we interact as Horse and Human we often focus on our many differences, both wonderful and challenging. Yet, one common strength we have is that we are both of Divine Nature, once we are able to bypass agendas, history, outside influence and preconceived notions, we can acknowledge each other through the eyes of Divine.

This Quest is a simple approach to recognizing what is Divine within Horse and Human. Once we are aware of this unavoidable commonality, we have a powerful and forgiving resource to accomplish great things in our relationship and in our work together.

The eQUESTrian Namaste is a helpful tool to use in relationships, our spiritual quest or riding with our Horses. These are a few key elements:

  • How do I greet my Horse? This determines the intention and the connection during our time together.
  • Am I being the witness of Divine while working with my horse without judgments or expectations?
  • Am I seeing us both as we are right now or am I manifesting this moment based on the past?
  • Can I ask and guide with my heart instead of my thinking?

Lots of deep and useful information in this class for those looking to expand their Spiritual Journey with their Horse.

The eQUESTrian Namaste $89.00

With 1-hour personal consultation $215.00

3. The Answer Quest

Sometimes we need answers that we don’t know we need. Some of the most obvious signs of this is when we have blocks and constant distractions, or when we have that feeling or idea that keeps nudging at us that seems to have no connection to what we perceive we need.

This Quest bypasses our linear thinking and taps into our intuition, it reaches past what we assume, and accesses a broader field of information. By making a composition map of elements around your Horse and the question or situation at hand you can follow the messages and map as they relate to each other.  Here you will find the answer behind the blocks, distractions and questions.

To build the map you will need a board, photos, words, pictures or other tangible items that represent elements around your question, blocks or what is nudging you for your attention.

Some things you will use in this Quest are a video with suggestions on how to build the map and a video on how to read the map. It also includes the Touchstone Letter Quest to use as a way to follow up with the answers you received from your map.

Answer Quest Course: $53.00

With private consultation follow up $179.00