The Quest. The Horse. True North.


I work with True North EQUESTRIANS

By exploring Mystical Wisdom between the Worlds of Horses and Humans we engage the Horse as our compass in the Quest for our own True North.

________Work With Me_________

Have you been Called to the Quest of Horse and Soul?

This is YOUR Quest, to take this journey is exclusive to your Soul and your Horse.

I can help. By providing tools that increase Intuitive Awareness, you will experience greater connection and Insight to help you understand what is being asked of you in this Quest.

________Quest Work_________

♥ Agreement Quest… By knowing your Agreements between you and your Horse you have valuable information to help you work together for a common desire.

♥ Answer Quest… Learn how to build a Trace Map to increase Intuitive Awareness and connect messages and information for answers to a question or situation.

♥ ShadowWork Quest… Explore what is within the Shadow, both yours and your Horses. Much information is hidden in here, fears, trauma’s as well as Brilliance and Beauty. If we are to truly become our Potential, we must first visit the Shadow.

♥ TouchStone Quest… Examine the use of TouchStones in your relationship with the Quest and your Horse, incorporate their value as a means of staying on track with Intentions and Agreements.

♥ Alchemy Quest… Embrace the concept of Alchemy, ‘Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary’ in your Quest exploration.

♥ Rituals Quest… Employ the Mystical benefits of Rituals to find Balance and Rhythm in your Quest.

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Some people have Horses just to Ride the Horse… NOT YOU

Some people have Horses for their Ego, to Dominate the Horse… NOT YOU

Some people use Horses as Machines with No Thought for the Horse… NOT YOU


Because You Can’t Imagine Life without them…

Because Your Love, Courage and Mystery Coexist in the Horse…

Because Your Soul Demands its Tribe… THATS YOU

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