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I work with people who experience their Horse as a part of their Spiritual Journey. By exploring Mystical Wisdom between the Worlds of Horses and Humans we engage the Horse as our compass in the Quest for our own True North.

Part of my Quest work is doing Empathic Soul Purpose Readings with Horses, through this I have been introduced to amazing wisdom and perspective from Horses about their purpose with their Human. Their brilliance and Spiritual depth far exceeds my prior observations of this Horse Human experience. I have been give permission to share excerpts from some of these readings that I have been privileged to translate, a few quotes from the readings are posted below. To schedule a Soul Purpose Reading with your Horse click here:

“Acceptance is not giving up, or giving in, it is giving over. It is being present with ‘what is’ and what is possible.  It is acknowledging that you have heard, and you will answer. It is allowing a new way of living and being. Acceptance is a place of peaceful transformation.” Rose, Waler Mare

“When it comes to the end of it all, you will ask questions of yourself that will surprise you. And the only way you will know the answers is if you have lived closely with yourself. If you have lived close to the Spirit of love, and forgiveness and self-compassion. If you have not lived a life of intimacy with yourself, then you cannot experience the life you came to live.” Lucy, Welsh Cob x TB

“When you observe me as being resistant, look again. Is it me being resistant or is it you? Perhaps I am asking you to see with second sight, there is information and wisdom there. This will cause you to be more fluid. Not everything you have been taught is right for us. Not in our training, not in our groundwork, not in this business of Soul work and that is the answer for your real work.” MJ, Quarab Mare

The Secret World of Horses

This course on The Secret World of Horses is for those who are on the Quest of Spiritual growth and believe that their Horse is a part of this journey. A journey of Mystical Faith into the world of Horses and Humans.

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Some people have Horses just to Ride the Horse… NOT YOU

Some people have Horses for their Ego, to Dominate the Horse… NOT YOU

Some people use Horses as Machines with No Thought for the Horse… NOT YOU


Because You Can’t Imagine Life without them…

Because Your Love, Courage and Mystery Coexist in the Horse…

Because Your Soul Demands its Tribe… THATS YOU

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