Why I have a Horse

For us Horse People, we seem to have no choice. We must have a horse. Even when it is financially brutal, physically demanding, and requires volumes of time and mental, emotional and spiritual energy. I still need them. Why?

When non horse people ask me why I sacrifice and risk so much to have them, I am often vague in my reply, trying to sort it out myself as well. I’ve long believed it to be a Soul Connection, but not sure why I say that. So tonight I decided to get at the bottom of why I have this Horse Life. I know I need them; but why? Is it emotional or Spiritual? Just what is the truth of this connection with Horses?

They pull me into the Mystery.

They show me my weakness, my fears… burdens that my Soul asks me to release. I cannot lie to my Horse, the Horse knows that while the fear may be buried or denied, it is still alive. Through the Horse I have an open invitation to heal the cause of fear that cries out; desperate to be comforted and transformed to courage thereby gifting me a life more complete and audacious. It is up to me to accept.

When even the smallest fear is released, I find a new freedom. And I again taste the Wild Romance that my Soul has betrothed for my Horse and I. This is not a frivolous affair, it is Soulful, Healing, Complex, Pure, Sensuous, Inspiring and Primordial. Attributes that make up the Soul itself.

And, for this journey into the Mystic I am rewarded with the smell of hay, and grain and grass and body heat. I gaze into eyes that hold ancient wisdom, potential, dreams and perpetual questions about trust and commitment. Eyes that search for the truth of who I am, asking me to show up in full glory as the consort worthy of my Beloved Equus. I feel the summons to lead and to follow, to hone my intuition so that I will know the difference; to know which one is needed. To know when to challenge and when to be soft and still. All of this is a Language from my Soul, and my Horse, its ambassador.

Horses ask for our whole self. When I am divided, I am incomplete; when I am whole, I am Being. Horses are my Souls invitation to Being Complete. I cannot separate my Horse from my Soul, they speak a common tongue that I need for my existence, to power me on in a world not familiar with my Soul home and the language it speaks, I must rely on my Horse to keep me connected and complete.

There is no answer simple or trite about why I have a Horse. I only know that when I am with my Horse I am free from the obligatory and the mundane.. I am a woman in the Mystery. Here, my Soul is restored.

Auberon in the Mist

The Invitation

Perhaps your reason for having a Horse is different from mine. This week I encourage you to explore the real reason(s) as to why you have a Horse. Is it emotional or spiritual, does it keep you connected to nature, is it so that you will know yourself better? Again, keeping a journal is a helpful tool to track for consistency in this Horse Life, to see progress, digression, changes in direction or perspective. It is also a good way to notice changes in your Horse, where you are in relationship with your Horse. Ask yourself, ‘Are you fully alive and participating in your reason for having a Horse?’ Life is busy and sometimes we must make conscious effort to stay connected to things that matter, for these are what keeps us with value and balance in our life.

Delaya Diana © 2020

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