We Are The Same

I know that some people believe that Horses are highly evolved spiritually, far more than Humans and they are here to teach us. I know some people that believe that Horses are not spiritually inclined and do not have the capacity for expanded thinking and are just Horses.

For years I have said that we are all the same, some of us are far more spiritually inclined this lifetime and some of us are unaware or ambivalent towards anything more than what our eyes can see.

Horse or Human, we are all the same, some came to teach, some came to learn, some came to enjoy the ride, no pun intended, but it seems appropriate.

After doing a series of Empathic Readings with Horses I witnessed this theory in many forms. I communicated with Horses that had deep vision for their Human, and Horses that had experienced many lifetimes and had reached a place of enlightenment with no need to struggle or react, they had learned kindness and acceptance for the order of things in this world. Some Horses were at a loss when life dealt them a bad hand, some had begun to realize that parts of themselves needed to change. Some were wistful, some had regrets.

The stories I witnessed from the Horses sounded like many of the same stories heard from people that I have met in my lifetime. If Humans were to embrace this theory, it may have huge impact on how we relate to Horses.

If we observe them carefully from a place of innocence, before we had history with our Horse, or without outward influence, would we view them differently? Would we relate to them differently? If we were to view our Horse from the eye of an enlightened observer what would we see? If we view them from the eye of an inexperienced consciousness what would we see?

Perhaps they view and assess us this way, from where they are in their soul evolution, be it ancient or newborn. This would explain why as Human we are constantly looking for new ways to train or relate to Horses. The ideas/cues used to explain requests to a Horse with lifetimes of experience would be far easier understood than the same ideas/cues to a Horse experiencing this life for the first time.

Auberon in the Mist

The Invitation

So, the next time you work with or relate to your Horse, consider this, is my Horse an old soul, is it a new soul? And if you find answers based on how you ask your Horse and how it responds then this is a tool to further your experience together. While asking these questions of your Horse, remember to ask them of yourself. Have you had many life experiences, a few, is this a first? Flip these ideas with your Horse. Is one of you more enlightened in your souls’ journey than the other, which one has less experience and if so, which one is which? How can you use this information to build your relationship and your work together? You may not find answers that are concrete, but, you may find whispers that quietly usher in more wisdom that will change your methods and attitudes while spending time with your Horse.

Delaya Diana © 2020

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