Inner Image Quest

A Journey of Self Expression for Living an Authentic Life

There comes a time in our life when we outgrow who we were. We feel the call to reveal parts of ourselves that are transforming as we expand our awareness of Self, yet we are not sure of the steps needed to ‘come out’ and reinvent ourselves in an environment where we are already labeled with an identity. We may need help during this transformation as we abandon our former identity to re-image ourselves in an authentic way. Releasing an identity that we have carried with us takes courage, in our past we may have felt as though we had no choice, we had to adapt to this image to keep the peace, or that identity may have been assigned to us from our circumstance.

Perhaps only part of ourselves needs reinventing, or, only to certain areas of our life. Still, we need tools to help us make this transition with boldness and grace. We need to know the right questions so that we can make clear and lasting change, we need to find our own place of power so that we are not dissuaded by those that desire us to stay the same.

What are the discrepancies between now, and your ideal Image? How would you like to be seen or perceived in this life journey? Do you represent parts of your authentic self? When we forget this authentic inner voice; we wither and we appear small, insignificant, invisible or redundant. Or, perhaps when we ignore our Soulful nature we may be angry, violent, disconnected or too compliant with the world around us. But… there is always a way back to the Magnificent Being that we are. The Quest . We find our way back to our Soul Home when we seek out the parts that we have forgotten or hidden, the parts we once needed to protect, as those not understanding of individuality can be painfully judgmental.  When we start to ask the right questions we begin to gratify the hunger to return to what we once were… when we were Whole.

The Inner Image Quest will help to:

  • Identify those in our life that holds the greatest influence over us.
  • Help to gain clarity on authenticity.
  • Show us why we fear to make this change.
  • Break through the limitations of pleasing others.
  • Reveal discrepancies between your current Image and your authentic Image.
  • Recognize attributes that speak to you.
  • Identify your Ideal Outward Image, your Ideal Inner Image.
  • Create your own Personal Power Statement

Understanding our authenticity is a powerful asset towards living the life we desire, recognizing adversary’s that challenge our authentic is also powerful. Exploring the authentic voice of your Soul that asks to be celebrated will deliver freedom, joy and power to your days.

It is my desire that Seekers of Authentic Expression find guidance and inspiration as they explore this Inner Image Quest.

Delaya Diana