eQUESTrian Namaste

The word Namaste is a common greeting or blessing between the spiritually inclined these days. The translation is, ‘The Divine within me greets the part of you that is Divine’. This practice is an acknowledgement that in our effort to see the best in someone we bypass the ego, the judgments and preconceive notions that we have about others and simply acknowledge the part of them that is free from these influences. And in that moment, we recognize each other without personalities, flaws and imperfections.

Recently I have integrated this practice when interacting with my Horses and it has been has been surprisingly effective. I am still a Human wanting a deep connection with my Horses and in my Quest for connection I apply many techniques and methods, many of them very helpful. However, by approaching my Horse in the spirit of ‘The Divine within me, greets the Divine within you’ I have opened a new channel of communication and equality.

It has been particularly helpful while riding. While grooming and tacking my Horse I intentionally invoke the meaning of Namaste. I am aware that I am preforming the usual rituals as I prepare to ride, but I have also become an observer of the communication between us. This observation of who I am during this time and how I am behaving, helps me to focus with conscious purpose and respect, and to be more aware of what is being offered to me from my Horse.

It confronts me with questions of ‘Am I being the person that will bring the results that I desire? Am I seeing my Horse through the eyes of Divine and not the eyes of demands, expectations or judgements? Am I providing space for the Horse to direct information to me? Do I welcome questions from my Horse that invite me to expand my thinking? Am I seeing us both as we are right now or, am I living this moment based on the past?’

Being aware that my actions, my interactions and my intentions are being watched from the perspective of the Divine within each of us changes how I speak to my Horse. I have less reactions, less assumptions and greater awareness as to how I ask and how I hear.  I call this a Holy Language. One that helps to bridge the gap between Horse and Human, Horse and Rider.

My work with Horses is Soul work, they are essential in my Souls experience and this work is my contribution this lifetime to further the Horse Human experience. I engage the Horse as my compass for guidance back to my own True North, and now I find that this practice supports my internal grounding that reminds me of what is essential to my purpose and well-being. Again, the Horse has brought me back to center.

Auberon in the Mist

The Invitation

Because life is busy it is not always easy to be in the frame of mind that we need to be in, to unite our thinking our emotions and our Spirit, but there is great benefit to making it standard practice with our Horse. The next time you are faced with a challenge with or from your Horse, look at it with the eyes of the Divine within you. Without reaction, fear, anger or judgment, with this sight, can you see a different reason why this is happening? If there is a reaction or a refusal, observe the big picture as a Divine observer, with no attachment to being right, or wrong. And brilliance, observe this as well because it is innate within you and your Horse, sometimes it is just hidden beneath the thoughts, fears, shame, judgments and memories of the past.

Delaya Diana © 2020

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