Divine Sight

There is a saying that God is watching us through the eyes of the Horse. Clearly this would apply to anything that we spend time with or any other Being that we value. I often think of this when I am with my Horses. While quietly spending time with them its easier to keep my ego from demanding so much, from judging so much. When I ride it is more of a challenge because there are safety factors and agendas to follow.

While grooming them I align with their sensory participation, with how they receive and process touch, and not just the physical, but the intention and emotion behind the touch. Here there is no pressure from the ego. I align with their spiritual nature and their commitment to being genuine has brought out the same vibration within me. I am at peace, I know who I am and what I am about; judgment and irritation have no place here. The Horse has brought out this certainty and acceptance from within me. I still have life’s problems and challenges, but during this time I have no reaction to them. Here, in this vibration, they have no hold on me.

The Divine within me has recognized the Divine within the Horse and we connect in a Holy language. I am acutely aware that this time restores my Soul and how it affirms the desire for Soulful connection between living Beings that brings balance in a world of chaos and demands. By observing how my Horses react and absorb this time we spend together I believe that they too receive benefit from the connection of this inner Divine.

Its harder to maintain this Holy language while riding, and I have times when I forget that our interaction is being watched through the eyes of the Divine within each of us. Here, my ego is pushy, my fear is louder. And I find myself feeling frayed and wondering how we lost that Divine connection just because I am astride. My ego says, we must behave a certain way, we must learn equitation, we must manage the trail and other riders around us. My fear says we must be safe and in order to be safe I must be in control.

There is merit to the ego’s conversation, proper equitation is a benefit to Horse and Human, and safety is paramount. But, should it dominate the ride? I find it much easier to blame myself for this disconnect while riding, as Human I am at risk for injury more than the Horse, and for trail etiquette and safety reasons we should not interfere with other Horses and riders.

 But I believe that the Horse also recognizes the experience of this disconnect. While being ridden they are between the worlds of Horse and Human. Their prey animal instinct is innate within them, yet they now have the responsibility of carrying this rider and agreeing to training and protocol that is not natural to them.  So, they too have lost some connection with their Divine nature while we are Horse and rider.

If this Divine Sight is with us when we are on the ground with our Horse, then it is real, and therefore possible to carry it with us when we ride. We just need to commit to honoring this awareness of the Spirit of Divine watching us while we are astride, and accept that as we hold to this understanding, our Horse will take part in the power and responsibility that is being witnessed by our Divine nature as we co-create our experience together.

If we view our actions, our intentions and reactions from the eye of a Divine observer, we find that we are less reactive and less demanding. We have more liberty, and a greater capacity to create a new way of interacting as Horse and Human. Centuries of study has served us well, and we have made huge strides in our evolution in partnership with Horses… and… we have just begun to experience the possibilities between this world of Horse and Human.

Auberon in the Mist

The Invitation

The next time you have a challenge with your Horse, see if you can remain in the space of the Divine observer. Instead of looking for training aids, correction, or even analyzing the situation, emotionally step back, and meet the part of your Horse that is Divine with your inner Divine and see what possibilities come to you. Notice if the separation of Horse and Human dissipates, and you both meet as Divine energies that look for a Holy language to serve you both. This language will leave you free from blame and guilt, and open new ways to achieve common desires.

Delaya Diana © 2020

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