Silhouette of a horse in the dark under a full moon da

The Perils of Wild

There are many tools and insights to use as we incorporate our relationship with our Horse into the exploration of our spiritual journey. The better we know them, the better we know ourselves and the more we understand the Souls wisdom and perspective. It is remarkable how much support and vision comes to us when …

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Horses as Avatars

In Sanskrit the word Avatar translates, ‘God takes Human form’, or ‘a manifestation of a Deity or released soul in bodily form on earth, an incarnate Divine teacher’. So, in keeping with the idea that ‘God is watching us through the eyes of the Horse’, this would make the Horse symbolic of an Avatar. For …

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Horse's eye


The more I explore Empathic readings with Horses the more I see why so many of us are drawn to them, and why we have begun to expand our study, our interaction and our work with Horses. During a recent dialogue with a Horse, she spoke of her internal angst about dealing with an ongoing …

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