A man with his hand on the side of a horses face in a kind embrace.


Connection Since the surge of ‘Natural Horsemanship’ Connection has been a frequent word used to describe how we are within our relationship with our Horse. Something we strive for, something we should have if we are to be good Horse owners and riders. For some, Connection is natural and indigenous in our relationship, for some …

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Human Training

As Horse people we talk a lot about Training. We work with our Horse on this, we train them on that, we teach them to do this, we teach them to not do that. But what about Human Training? How trainable are we from the perspective of the Horse? How does the Horse suggest ways …

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Silhouette of a horse in the dark under a full moon da

The Call to Wildness

Melissa Sovey-Nelson writes, ‘There remains the untamable nature of the Horse, at his core. It is at once intimidating and romantically Wild. That is surely part of why I ride, to provoke that Wildness in myself.’ Interacting with a Horse is as close to interacting with a Wild animal as most of us will ever …

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Close up photo of a horses eye

Empathic Horses

I am an Empath and though I have learned to shield myself from people, I often feel the animals calling to me, because they know I can feel them. I never really thought much about animals being Empaths until I witnessed my mare have a huge reaction to a Horse that seemed to be having …

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