Allegory of Horse and Human

Once upon a dream Horse yearned for a Human. This Human would be kind, intuitive, strong and have a Soul as big as the Heavens. And Horse would bind itself with this Glorious Human, and together they would Create great Beauty. They would change landscapes, they would Dance great feats of Celebration with grand displays of Harmonious Movement. But then the Human wanted more. More power, more control, more speed. And Human turned from the Horse and to the Human, Horse became insignificant… disposable.. lost.
But then… once again there was a dream… a Human yearned for a Horse. A Horse that would be kind, intuitive, strong and have a Soul as big as the Heavens. Human would bind itself with this Glorious Horse and together they would create great Beauty. They would make amends for the wrongs imposed on the great creature Horse. They would speak with Soulful Wisdom, together they would bring Healing and they would make beautiful Music and Dance. This time they held a Twin Vision; and together this Desire was as big as the Heavens. And a Holy Agreement was made. They would make tangible prayers together with Ritual, they would soften and blend together to craft a new work and they would use Alchemy to refine their strengths and their language. They would use their learning as Art. And with this Twin Vision Horse and Human together would contribute Healing and Beauty from the Heavens back into the World.

Until next time, Vibe with your Tribe,


Delaya Diana ©

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  1. A wonderful piece of art you are creating. I enjoy your passion for the horse and it is expressed so well in your writing. Keep it up, I will check back periodically to see how things are progressing.



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